Acoustic Demos

by Ross O Brown

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released August 6, 2015



all rights reserved


Ross O Brown Austin, Texas

Singing my story

#fiddle #travel #love #liveagreatstory #mtmusic #atx #texascountry #headupshouldersback

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Track Name: My Montana (Acoustic Demo 1)
I'm from Montana I was born in the snow
You've gotta be tough when you're running with the buffallo
I grew up on the back of my horse
I love country music and the fiddle of course

Climb up the rockies we swim down the rivers
Livin the wildlife Montana delivers
I love the quiet nights, stars out in the sky
New kind of silent no A/C hummin

I love My Montana
I've got a treasure state of mind
I love My Montana
I'm proud of my home in the big sky

So come on over come and see our home
Come down and the visit the old Yellowstone
Better come in June, you can't handle the frost
You can come see our land, then you've gotta get lost.
Track Name: The Caveman Song (Acoustic Demo 2)
Let's take a trip, a trip back in time
Back to the days, when we lived in caves
And Brontosaurus Rex, is all we eat
We don't buy much stuff, we stay nomadic and free

Oh we are living like cavemen, we've got hot cave girlfriends
All we ever do is eat and make love
Cause that's all a caveman does
Oh that's all a caveman does

We're livin off the land, in the modern age
We drink our water from a can, and we try to save out land
We've got love for everyone, we've got a hammock in the sun
We play tackle football, there a caveman in us all


We've got no cable tv, we've got no heads to hear
No poison in my ears, nobody sellin me my fears
So you should join our tribe, we take girls and guys
Yeah we help each other out, livin the paleo life